District 3 Biennium Goals for 2018-2020 We Empower Women Goal 1 We maximize our impact through service and advocacy initiatives and educational programs that empower women and girls. Goal 2 We strengthen our resources to support our mission. Goal 3 We enhance our profile around the world through our centennial anniversary activities Goal 1:  Service, Advocacy, Education   Zonta’s service, advocacy, and education programs will empower women and girls. Service and Advocacy District 3 supports our centennial anniversary biennium with its major international project in Ending Child Marriage.  District 3 and Clubs devote time to share information about early child marriages both locally and internationally and create awareness among our members.   Our District 3 and Clubs further develop the Zonta Says NO advocacy projects with at least 3 clubs to deliver an action to oppose child marriage. District 3 and clubs will collaborate with two like-minded organizations to enhance our effectiveness in empowering women and girls.  Clubs also will collaborate with like-minded organizations. District 3 supports International Service Programs with UN agency partners to fulfill our objectives o Clubs devote time to share information and updates about the ZI service projects in Madagascar (An Integrated Program for Adolescent Girls) and Eid bi Eid (Hand in Hand) Jordan o Clubs devote time to share information and updates to the project of Ending Child Marriage: A Program to Accelerate Global Action. Clubs become more educated about how to empower women and girls and join forces with others (including other District 3 clubs) in appropriate service and advocacy projects. o Clubs will collaborate with like-minded organizations to enhance our effectiveness in empowering women and girls. o We work to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. Education District 3 and Clubs will implement the pilot Women in Technology Scholarship program that encourages women to pursue a leadership role in technology, a field that will impact the next generation of women. District 3 and Clubs will participate in Zonta’s existing education programs focused on young women leaders in Young Women in Public Affairs (service), Jane M. Klausman Women in Business, and Amelia Earhart Fellowships for women in aerospace. Goal 2:  Increase in Membership and Resources to support our mission. Membership District 3 will have a 5% increase in membership from May 31 2018 to May 31 2020. District 3 will have at least 2 more Z clubs and at least 1 more Golden Z club from May 31 2018 to May 31 2020. Chartering student clubs will be considered relevant service projects. Clubs encourage beneficiaries of educational (awards) programs to become members. District 3 will net at least 1 new club per biennium. District 3 and Club leaders use the Leadership Training program to effectively manage Zonta business. Finances District 3 provides information and education on how endowment funds provide long term sustainability. District clubs will all give to ZI foundation. Operations District 3 implements measures to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of district operations. Goal 3:  Enhance Zonta profile through our Centennial Anniversary activities District 3 honors a person or an organization for outstanding achievement to empower women. District 3 and Clubs report on actions that increase Zonta’s visibility to more effectively empower women.
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Biennial Goals
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