There are five recurring events that Zontians in District 3 can attend beyond the club level. Area Workshops Area Workshops take place in the spring of each year. One workshop takes place in the northern section of District 3 for the clubs in Areas 1 and 2.  A second workshop takes place in the southern section of the district, and is attended by the clubs of Areas 3 and 4.  Each workshop is organized by the Area Directors, and the Governor and Lieutenant Governor generally attends each workshop.  The workshops focus on training of club members, and also provides an opportunity for fellowship.  District Conferences District Conferences are held during the fall in the second year of the biennium and are held in various locations throughout the district.  They are usually sponsored by a specific club, but if they are not held in any club’s jurisdiction, they are headed by a volunteer club or individual.  Delegates from each club votes on such issues as bylaws, budget proposals and the election of the next district board.  Guest speakers are invited to discuss issues of interest.  Awards are presented to clubs who have accomplished district goals in such areas as advocacy, service, public relations, UN work, Amelia Earhart events, and membership.  Both the Governor and the Lieutenant Governors also present awards.  International Conventions Every two years, or biennia, Zonta International sponsors an International Convention in one of the 67 Zonta countries.  Conventions are held to bring together Zontians from all over the world to meet, vote on bylaws and other issues, elect a new International Board, listen to keynote speakers on issues of importance to Zonta, participate in various forums and workshops, enjoy the traditional international banquet, and  expand their horizons by experiencing new countries and meeting new friends.  Our Conventions have taken place in such locations as Melbourne, Australia; Paris, France, Hong Kong, Rotterdam, Belgium, New York City, Gothenburg, Sweden, and Torino, Italy and Nice, France.    Our 64rd Annual Convention will take place in July 2018 in Yokohama, Japan.  North American Inter-District Meetings During the years when there is no International Convention, the North American clubs hold a meeting to discuss issues of importance and hold training sessions to expand knowledge in vital areas necessary sustaining and expanding Zonta clubs in North America.  These workshops generally feature sessions on  increasing membership, improving leadership skills, enhancing communications, successful fundraising, community involvement, motivatioin, and ensuring membership retention.  The International President and Board member sometimes attend this meeting to give the group the latest information on Zonta International’s latest initiatives, and also provides a forum to pose questions to the International leadership.  There are also many opportunities to meet Zontains from all over the United States and Canada in a relaxed and informal setting.  These meeting are rotated to different locations in the United States and Canada.  The next meeting will be held June 12-14, 2015 in Minneapolis, MN.  
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UN Commission on the Status of Women Each year the United Nations holds a two week long Commission on the Status of Women meeting in New York City.  Zonta International hold General Consultative Status with the United National and is invited to participate in the Annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).  Zonta Internation has an official delegation that is invited to participate in all CSW activities including those within the United Nations building, partner events, parallel events, and side events presented by Non-Governmental Organizations.  Click here for additional information about the types of events open to participants.  Zontians who are not part of the official delegation are invited to participate in side events, some United Nations event, and a dinner sponsored by the Zonta club of New York.  The CSW provides an excellent opportunity to gain a better understanding of Zonta’s role in the United Nations and the issues facing women around the world.
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