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Presidents and Club Links
Meet the Presidents 2016-2018
Area 1
Zonta Club of Greater Queens
Victoria Pilottil - Co-President Ronald Francomano - Co-President victoria@zontadistrictthree.org ronald@zontadistrictthree.org http://www.zontagreaterqueens.org
Zonta Club of Long Island
Zonta Club of New Rochelle
Zonta Club of New York
Staci Alziebler-Perkins - President staci@zontadistrictthree.org
Zonta Club of Peconic Bay
Diane Greenberg – Co-President                                  
Zonta Club of Suffolk County
Deborah McKee - President deborah@zontadistrictthree.org
Zonta Club of Westchester
Constance Peters- President
Area 2
Zonta Club of Essex County Theresa Perry Lewis - President
Zonta Club of Morristown Area
Barbara Woodhull - President
Zonta Club of Northern Valley
Mary Ann Tarantula- President
Zonta Club of Passaic-Clifton
Kathleen Robertson- President kathleenr@zontadistrictthree.org
Zonta Club of Ringwood
Kathryn Holmes - President
Zonta Club of Southern Ocean County
Deborah Casale- President
Zonta Club of Trenton-Mercer
Denise Erb - Co-President Sue Methot- Co-President sue@zontadistrictthree.org
Area 3
Zonta Club of Annapolis Barbara Taylor - President
Zonta Club of Cumberland County
Rosalie Forcinito- President rosalie@zontadistrictthree.org
Zonta Club of Frederick
Zonta Club of Harrisburg-Hersey Nancy Fodor-  President
Zonta Club of Howard County
Zonta Club of Philadelphia
Zonta Club of Tri-County
Judith Hillman -  President
Area 4
Zonta Club of Arlington Area Marty Ditmeyer -  Co-President Laura Nakamoro - Co-President
Zonta Club of Charles County
Joan Curley -  President
Zonta Club of Fairfax County Gale Allen -  President
Zonta Club of Hampton Roads
Betsy Reilly
Zonta Club of Prince Georges County Area
Jeannette Jordan  -  President jeannette@zontadistrictthree.org
Zonta Club of Prince William County
Kathryn Nicholas -  President
Zonta Club of Washington DC Janet Southby -  President
Clubs in Formaton
Barbara Stastny - President barbaras@zontadistrictthree.org
Mandy Santiago - President
Bonnie Robeson - President bonnier@zontadistrictthree.org
Zonta Club of Northwest NJ Judith Fulton -  President judithf@zontadistrictthree.org (Area 2)
Zonta Club of Mid-Maryland Linda Andrews -  President
           Liala Strotman – Co-President liala@zontadistrictthree.org