Zonta International’s Advocacy Program Zonta International advocates to promote the human rights of women at international, national and local levels. Zonta advocacy promotes real equality in all aspects for women.   Zonta seeks to take fact-based actions, to highlight root causes of problems and to present solutions with proven results. Advocacy is an issue related thrust, and our efforts are not linked to any political party. District 3 clubs all have advocacy programs to work on problems of inequality of pay, since in the United States, women have to work nearly 16 months to earn the same amount that men earn for working in the same jobs for a year.  Our clubs also are working to raise the minimum wage in our country.  A great percentage of the people living below the poverty level are women, and so increasing the minimum wage is very much a womens issue.  In addition, clubs work on local and state laws which limit the equality of women.  These advocacy efforts could include local or state  issues such as police and judicial procedures, property rights, age discrimination, and other issues which involve discrimination against women’s human rights.  Our advocacy efforts also work to eliminating actions which perpetuate violence against women in its many forms. In addition, District 3 clubs support the passage of CEDAW, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, in the United States.
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